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Robert Catena, an Orange County businessman has just won the $1,000,000 prize in the Million Dollar Raffle. Robert discovered that he was the winner when he looked in the newspaper on sunday morning. According to him, at first he couldn't believe it - "I stared at the numbers for about 30 minutes, I couldn’t believe it". Now he is planning to invest some of the money in his business and to improve is house. Congratulations Robert!

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About California Lottery Act

The California State Lottery

California The California state lottery was born on November 6, 1984 when the people of California voted for the Proposition No 37 of the California lottery act which paved way for the creation of California state lottery.

Lottery Act

The lottery act was passed to provide extra funds for education with out putting extra burden on the residents of California in the form of taxes. The lottery act directs the authorities to spend a t least 34 % of the revenues for education .This amount is in addition to the money allocated for education by the state. The act also mandates 84% of the revenue to be given back to the public in the form of prizes or money spent for education. The law also directs the state to give back 50% of the revenue in the form of prizes to the public. Only 16%of the revenue can be spent on expenses for running the lottery. The lottery also directs the appointment of a commission by the governor which is to operate the lottery. One thing which is unique to California state lottery is that the value of prizes are not fixed, instead it depends upon the sales of tickets and the winning number drawn. Of late the pari-mutuel lotteries have been stopped and the prize money is fixed.
From its birth in 1984 when the citizens of California passed the California lottery act by a 58 % majority the lottery has been gaining strength and popularity with each recurring year. In 2005 California state lottery joined the multi-state lotteries. Different lotteries are given below:

Super lotto

It is similar to the mega millions played in other states. The draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday. Five numbers are selected from a set of 47 balls. The ‘jackpot games’ was first started by California lotteries in the form of 6/49 games in 1986.It was changed into a 53 ball game in 1990.and a bonus round was introduced .The format was again changed in 2000 when a 51 number game was started. The present day supper lotto is a 47-27 variant. In 2004 the governor Arnold Schwarnegger encouraged California to join the multi state lottery and in the coming year California joined the “Mega millions” The chances of winning a prize in California state lottery is 1 in 23.The jack pot prize starts from $7 million.

Mega Millions

This game allows you to pick any five numbers between 1 to 56 and a mega number between 1 to 46.the cost of the lottery payouts is $1.The draw is held every Tuesday and Friday. The prize money offered is substantial (ranging in millions.)The chance of winning a prize is 1 in 40.The jack pot prize is over 12 million.

Daily 3

In this game the player chooses 3 numbers between 0 to are priced at $1 and the draw is held twice in a day.

Scratch Card Lotteries

These are a form of instant lotteries where the player has to scratch off a latex layer to see if he has won a prize. The prizes are of lesser value but the odds of winning a prize is better than other lotteries. There are 37 types of scratch games with ticket prices from $1 to $5

Daily Derby

It is a mock betting game where one chooses three horses corresponding to first, secondhand third position. You can also choose three timings between 1:40:00 to 1:40:99tickets costs $2 and draws are held daily at 6.35 pm.

Payment Options

Scratch card ,daily derby, daily 3 and non jack pot prizes are paid lump sum minus 25% federal taxes if the prizes are above $5000.the jackpot prizes winners have the choice of having the prize money in lump sum or over a period of 26 years. Prizes have to be claimed in 60 days.